Camping Stupice Premantura, Croatia

camping under the stars


Camping Stupice belongs to Premantura, a town about 11 kilometers south of Pula that is a part of Medulin County. This camp is surrounded with Cape Kamenjak on both sides, which is a conservation Park and the southernmost point on the Istrian peninsula.

Map of Stupice Camp

Like the whole southern Istria, the campsite has a well-indented coast, and you will have a great view of nearby islets wherever you stay.

If you camp in Stupice, you will feel the peace and slow paced life far from the urban jungle, and yet you are only a half kilometer away from the town’s center.

How To Get There

By Car

If you are coming from the north, you don’t have to enter Pula to get to Premantura. Just follow the signs on the Istrian Y highway as you are traveling south and the road will take you to the town.

During summer, bypassing the busy city will save you some time.

However, if you are coming from Pula, follow the outer detour road that doesn’t go through the city center (the road passing by Pula City Mall). When you get to the fourth roundabout, take a left turn to Premantura. It’s easy to spot the turn as there are road signs.

This road leads to Premantura, but also Pomer and Banjole. You can reach Premantura in only 5 minutes if the road is clear, but keep in mind that summer season in Istria sometimes doubles the travel time.

You’ll pass the gas station on the right and two small roundabouts one after another (we love roundabouts!). Go straight ahead and pass them. Now, you’ll be driving on a seaside road with a great scenery that will lead you to Premantura. Stay on the main road, go straight until you pass the church tower, and take a left.

Camp Stupice Reception Desk

Five hundred meters ahead you’ll reach your destination and the Stupice campsite reception.

Pro Tip: Keep in mind our roads are narrow and crowded. Don’t be afraid you took the wrong turn. Even the main roads in coastal towns are tiny.

By Bike

Cycling through Istria is a wonderful experience although you need to be careful. You can take the same road to get to the campsite, but keep your safety in mind.

Summer means packed roads, people drive fast, and routes don’t have designated bike lanes. Often there are not even sidewalks.

There are many off-road bike trails all over Istria that make a perfect solution to avoid cars and explore the areas you could never see otherwise.

So, if you take a bike ride, please, don’t drive in the middle of the road, and stay by the wayside. Likewise, put your bike lights on if it’s getting dark.

There have been a lot of accidents that involved cyclists around here, so keep these safety tips in mind when hopping on your two-wheel ride.


Camp Stupice is 26ha big area that can accommodate 3330 guests. There are 110 mobile homes and bungalows that have a kitchenette, bathroom, and a patio. Mobile homes are a neat option if you want to camp trouble free and travel lighter because you don’t even need to bring towels.

All mobile homes allow pets, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your furry friend.

However, if you prefer to bring your own equipment, there are 900 pitches divided all over pine forest or on an accompanied peninsula. The campsite also contains spacious XXL pitches for caravans and extra privacy.

Camping spots include free car parking. Also, while you will pick your pitch based on your preference, a good thing is that most of the area has a WiFi coverage, so that’s one less thing to deal with.

When you get there, the signs will guide you through the camp, but you can also check this map to see the organization of the campsite.


Camp Stupice has all the facilities you might need.

  • Laundry service
  • Toilettes
  • Toilettes for the disabled
  • Chemical toilet discharge
  • Hot water showers
  • Designated barbecue spots
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Coffee shop
  • A la carte restaurants
  • Fast food bar on the beach
  • Newsstand
  • Souvenir shop
  • A bus stop with the timetable
  • Supermarket
  • Boat berth
  • Camp harbor

With all listed facilities, the camp has a well-rounded offer.

Having the privacy and freedom of a campsite and a possibility not to worry about cooking like in a hotel makes a perfect combination and leaves you more free time for the fun stuff.

Restaurants signs in stupice camp

You won’t be hungry here because camp restaurants Stupice and Laguna are both open from May to October, and they offer a variety of food; from pasta and salads to grilled meat and seafood.

For a quick snack on the beach, there is a fast food Plaža, where you can grab an ice cream or a sandwich and stay on the go.

Beach bar in Camp Stupice

The bus station is on the road, right in front of the Camp’s reception. Inside, there’s an interactive timetable that allows you to scan the QR code with your smartphone and learn when the next ride arrives. This line 28 goes to Pula and back.

Bus timetable in camp Stupice


Having an active vacation might be a great idea. If you decide so, this camp can provide diversity for everyone’s taste. Arenaturist animation team organizes many activities for all age groups.


  • Playground on the grass
  • Mini disco
  • Art and talent programs
  • Gym time
  • Kids Show
  • Carnival


Well, you can try a large number of sports here on your own, like five-a-side football, tennis, minigolf, or volleyball. Also, you can rent bikes and boats.

I have to mention walking and jogging through the camp as an often overlooked activity because I always loved to jog through our camps. It’s free, not as dull as the treadmill, and the view is incomparable.

If you prefer to stay close to water (and remain fresh while you burn your calories) keep in mind camp Stupice is recognized as a great place for surfers. You can find young and old, beginners and experienced surfers riding the waves.

rentals in camp stupice

Constant breezes and winds made it a top spot to windsurf or kitesurf, and the sports center in the camp offers lessons.

You can also rent a surfboard to join the latest craze: stand up paddling.

Don’t think the animation team is only for the youths, they have organized programs in peak summer for grown-ups, too:

  • Gym in the morning
  • Nordic walking
  • Aerobic
  • Sports tournaments (you can try playing the local sports Bocce)


Stupice beaches are small, rocky coves, with an easy entrance to the sea. There are a few exceptions where the shore is pebbly or gravel. One thing all beaches have in common in this area is fresh and crystalline water.

In Istria, seeing the bottom of the sea is natural and useful. You will notice an abundance of sea urchins at the beginning of the shore.

crystalline water in camp stupice

Being able to observe the sea bottom may prevent stepping on one.

Fun Fact: It is believed sea urchins mean clean waters, although there is no scientific evidence to support that claim.

This feature makes our sea perfect for snorkeling. If you explore the underwater, you will see a lot of fish, sea urchins, clamshells, even smaller octopus.

For a diverse beach experience, take a walk to some nearby places and further explore the south of Istria.


Monte Cope – this area belongs to upper Kamenjak and its settled between Premantura and Volme. Like its lower part, it is a protected area since 1996, and it hides a rich biodiversity and paleontological remains. The sights are wonderful and the area is perfect for walking or cycling. Guideposts will show you around and lead you to the most precious places.

Safari bar in Kamenjak

Lower Kamenjak – it’s such a special place you have to visit. From preserved dinosaur footprints to sights of bees and butterflies flying around and the unique Safari bar hidden in greenery, you’ll feel one with nature when you see Cape Kamenjak. The beaches are many, but the southernmost beach (mala Kolombarica) is a real treasure – it has a cave you can swim to.

Info: Keep in mind there is an entrance fee of 80 kn/day to Kamenjak for cars, but pedestrians and cyclists can come in for free.

Premantura is a rising star in Istria, with returning visitors every year. When you take a walk around, you’ll understand why. The views of nearby islets and lighthouses, the air scented with pines and salt, untouched nature and relaxed vibe will make you come back.

It’s no wonder Lonely Planet wrote this beautifully about Premantura and Kamenjak, they are meant to be discovered.


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