Best Beach Bars in Pula

Pula has become a summer destination in the last few years. Before, there weren’t that many beach bars, only ugly, old bars that kept the same appearance since Croatia was another country.

But lately, there are increasingly more beach bars and the selection is only getting better. In summer, you have many places to enjoy cocktails and good music with a beautiful view and summer breeze in your hair.

1. Baza, Hidrobaza Beach

Beach Bar Baza is located at Hidrobaza beach on the northern part of Pula (Puntižela).

Hidrobaza is the newest beach in Pula that has a lot of amenities including new showers and changing cabins on the beach.

The bar is close to the beach, so you will enjoy the smell of fresh sea air while you drink your coffee or cocktail. It has a wooden terrace where the surrounding pine trees are creating a lot of shadow.

Another part of the bar is right under the trees

In case you run out of cash, there is an ATM right next to the bar.

Besides the great coffee, they also offer a variety of affordable summer cocktails and snacks (fries, chicken wings, cheese sticks).

It’s interesting to mention that this whole area used to be a base for hydroplanes which now turned into a modern beach.

2. Pacino, Ville Beach

You will get to Beach Bar Pacino if you walk into the Brioni campsite in Puntižela and follow the road until you get to the beach with palm trees. This is close to Štinjan which is a suburb of Pula.

The nearby beach Ville is a great pebble beach very popular with tourists.

Pacino bar offers sunbeds and umbrellas for rent so you can bring your cocktails and drink while laying down. They have great stuff and totally modern vibe.

Pacino is one of the most beautiful beach bars in Pula and it has a great overview of the shore, awesome blue sea, and surrounding islands. A specialty of Pacino beach bar are the parties with DJs and dancers where hostesses will promote special drinks and cocktails.

Throughout the day, you can hear lounge music, house or dub beat that perfectly accompany the laid-back summer vibe. While Outlook and Dimensions festivals are held in nearby Punta Christo Fortress, there are many supporting parties organized in Pacino. 

The sitting area is spacious, well ingrained with nature, and the natural cliff makes a wall that provides shade on hot days. You will have the best sea view if you relax in the elevated area between the trees.

3. Barracuda, Bijeca Beach

Barracuda Beach bar is the oldest resident at the sandy beach of Medulin. They are right behind the entrance to the Medulin camping. Medulin is just a few kilometers east from Pula city center and serves as a great weekend getaway.

Opening night of Beach Bar Barracuda that happens at the start of June is one of the hottest events in summer.

Barracuda is nicely embedded with the beach and surrounding trees that create a very pleasant shade. You can sit and sip your drink in the boats, on the wood logs or on your own towel.

If you get to Barracuda in the evening, it is likely you’ll catch a DJ performance and upbeat music. (Check the events on their official page). The bar is open late, so you can move your dancing feet until the sun rises.

Given that Bijeca beach is a family beach due to its warm and shallow waters, you can go for a safe night dip anytime you want.

What is a beach bar without cocktails?

They have a huge selection of cocktails, and you can even catch a happy hour and pinch a few pennies.

If you want to enjoy drinks on a sandy beach, Barracuda is a place to be.

4. Havana, Bijeca Beach

Two stunning beach bars at the same beach?

That’s right, Bijeca in Medulin became more than a playground for toddlers and children. The name of this beach bar is Havana, and it’s just 50 meters away from Barracuda.

These two places create a nice environment and mix the vibrancy of a promenade with the peace that beach bars usually offer.

You will not get bored on the beach while summer hits play from both Havana and Barracuda.

With a great wooden terrace and plenty of beverages to choose from, Havana also entered our list of best beach bars in Pula and surrounding places. They have a TV, so you can catch a game during a day while sipping some of their selected craft beers.

It’s worth mentioning that Bijeca beach in Medulin is a sandy beach and one of the most popular ones in this area. It is a perfect place for Picigin (amateur ball game that you need to play in shallow waters) and the local association Pešekan organizes a Picigin cup every summer on this beach.

Havana staff have renovated the place recently, so now you can enjoy days spent on Bijeca beach in a refurbished bar with a new atmosphere.

After the sun sets, DJ’s bring the beat in and this place turns to an awesome beach party destination, packed with people, both local and foreign. Keep an eye on upcoming events on their Facebook page.

5. Pomidor, Beach Gortanova Uvala

Pomidor beach bar is in Gortanova Uvala which is the central part of Lungomare walkway in Pula.

Here you can also enjoy the fresh air and people watching on their outdoor wooden terrace or go inside where the interior is also wood-based and offer a warm atmosphere. If you come here off-season, know that Pomidor is open all year round.

Gortanova Uvala (the beach) is 20 meters below the bar, so after a swim, you can hop in Pomidor and enjoy coffee, snacks, or their selection of cocktails. Keep in mind their cocktails are strong, so plan your drive home ahead if you drink a few.

The guys from Pomidor often organize different events, like soccer game watching so if you are a fan, you can catch a game and grab a beer in a relaxing beach ambient.

Their prices are reasonable which is good to know if you get hungry because here you can also grab a something to eat.

6. E&D, Ambrela Beach

As you approach the Verudela peninsula and get to the entry of the tourist zone, you will spot E&D on the right. There is a huge parking lot and bus station only 2 meters from the E&D so you can easily get here.

To be fair, E&D is not a classic beach bar as it is roughly 100 meters above the shore, however, we had to include it because it has a beautiful overview on one of the most popular beaches in Pula, Ambrela.

Also, the environment is very “tropical” with a lot of plants and a small outdoor pool. The outdoor sitting area is huge, with an eating zone on a terrace looking over the resort. Here you can get a coffee, cocktails, but also eat cake, ice cream, pizza and other food from their menu.

E&D is one of the biggest and oldest bars on Verudela and it has a cult status in this city.

Staff is friendly, and the place is clean. If you are looking for a lounge bar with a great view, check E&D out.

7. Zeppelin, Saccorgiana Beach

Beach bar Zeppelin is another hot spot near the Verudela peninsula, looking over Saccorgiana beach.

Although it’s a bit far from the city center, it is near the hotels on Verudela, so if you are staying here, you can reach the bar by foot along the coast.

If you are driving from the city center, know there is a lot of parking space around Saccorgiana (you can take a city bus to get here).

The back entrance

Zeppelin is another bar that works 365 days in a year, but it makes the best impression in summer. When the weather is nice, chairs and loungers stretch over the layered terrace, and you have an awesome view of the lush greenery and the beautiful blue sea.

It’s a great place to come with a whole family, as it is dog-friendly, and kids have a trampoline and a playground beside the bar. And those that develop an appetite can grab a burger or fries at their food court.

If you are a fellow burger lover, check our guide on Best Burgers in Pula to find out which places you shouldn’t miss in southern Istria.

In Zeppelin, you can often hear modern music and beats like house, disco, dubstep, and chill out. It has become the go-to bar for locals.

8. La Playa, Valsaline Beach

La Playa bar is overviewing Valsaline (often called Mornar), which is the last beach in the Lungomare area at the end of the promenade.

The bar settled entirely in the woods above the beach, with a spacious open-air deck covered with awnings and sail shades. Surrounding trees provide additional shade so the place becomes a perfect getaway from the scorching sun.

The patio is nicely designed with a lot of wooden chairs and pebble ground compliments the overall location and style. It has a contemporary, yet a bit wild vibe, which makes it an even more attractive destination.

No wonder this bar often organizes live bands or DJs to play and carry you into the night.

Who wouldn’t enjoy this great ambient?

The music is good, the staff friendly and the drinks affordable. What’s not to like?

9. Playa, Šćuza Beach

Besides the weird name, this beach bar and the beach itself are really great.

When you follow the road from Pula to Premantura and get to the scenic part, you will see the beach on the left. If you head from Banjole to Kamenjak, you will definitely pass by this bar.

Playa bar is a part of a nice beach with pebble ground and easy entrance to the sea. The water here is spotless and there is an inflatable bouncy sports park for kids (or lightweight adults) in the sea.

Due to the gradual descent, Šćuza is a safe beach for kids, so when you want to come with kids but enjoy a cold one in a bar, don’t hesitate and come here.

Beside standard drinks like coffee and cocktails, here you can buy some great ice creams (and I am not saying that because my dad sells them).

We tried soft ice cream with Nutella topping (and cookies) and absolutely loved it.

Enjoying your ice cream, wine or whatever you like with a beautiful view of a nearby peninsula or small islands is just a great experience. Choose your poison and sit back for some scenery and people watching.

When I think about it, I think that’s just what I need right now. Cya lat….

Finally, we can say that…

There are all kinds of beach bars out and about Pula. Some of them offer snacks, in most of them you can watch TV, but all of them have a great view and juicy summer cocktails.

If you don’t know which one to go to, well, we suggest you visit them all – it’s summer; you are on a vacation, you have our permission to go a little crazy!


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